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Hostinger tranfer your server
Hostinger: Recommended to Transfer Your Server

Today, when I logged in to my Hostinger WordPress Business Hosting account, I saw one notification. The notification was

“Recommendation to Transfer Your Server”

We have analyzed traffic data on your hosting plan for the last 30 days. We recommend changing your server location for the best website speed for your visitors”

That means Hostinger is regularly analyzing the web traffic of all my websites hosted on their servers(in my case 16 websites) and the majority of my web traffic (i.e., 47.4 %) is coming from India only.

Then having my servers in India or nearby will increase website loading time and website performance.

When I read this notification, I researched the “benefits of hosting a server located near to the web traffic.”

The following are the Benefits of having a Hosting server located near the web traffic:

1. Faster Website Loading Times

When a website is hosted on a server located near its audience, the time it takes for the website to load reduces significantly. This is because data travels faster over shorter distances, resulting in reduced latency and faster page loading times.

2. Better Website Performance

When a website is hosted on a server located near its audience, it results in better website performance, which ultimately translates into a better user experience. This is because the website can handle more traffic, and the website’s resources are not strained by the distance between the server and the users.

3. Improved SEO

Search engines consider website speed as one of the critical factors in their ranking algorithm. A faster website speed can result in better search engine rankings, leading to increased traffic, and better visibility for the website.

4. Reduced downtime

Hosting a website on a server near its audience reduces the risk of downtime due to server failure or maintenance issues. If a server goes down, it can be fixed quickly, minimizing the time that the website is inaccessible to users.

Overall, hosting a website on a server located near its audience can result in a better user experience, improved website performance, and increased website traffic, leading to better business outcomes.

Hostinger servers are located in 8 Countries. Read our Detail review of Hostinger 

Hostinger Review India 2023

Hostinger fulfils all the benefits of the best Web Hosting like Speed, security, Uptime ease of use, Customer support, etc., and it is the cheapest among all the other web hosting.

It offers affordable hosting plans, live chat support, 1-Click WordPress installation, free SSL certificate, free domain in Premium web hosting and other plans, and 24/7 email support with 7 web servers throughout the globe.

Whether you take into consideration the speed of the website or security or Performance of the website, in all formats Hostinger stands tall.

For a detailed review of Hostinger read our Best WordPress Hosting article

Hostinger FAQs

What is the Hostinger toll-free number?

Hostinger supports live chat and other means of internet communication can solve problems more efficiently. Hostinger doesn’t have call support.

What is Hostinger used for?

Hostinger is a web hosting company it offers secure and reliable web hosting plans for various website types and online applications.

In brief, Hostinger is used for different Web-Hosting plans and domain name registrations.

Is Hostinger good for WordPress?

Yes. Hostinger is the cheap and best WordPress Hosting available.

Is Hostinger an Indian company?

Hostinger is not an India Company. But it is India’s leading Hosting provider. Its headquarter is in Lithuania. And it has its servers are also in India.

What is Hostinger’s customer service number?

As discussed above, hostinger doesn’t provide call support. It has live chat support and other online communication

Is Hostinger good for hosting?

Yes as discussed above, Hostinger offers one of the best Hosting services.

Where is the hostinger office in India?

As said before, Hostinger doesn’t have an office in India. It has its servers in India. Hostinger offices are in the following areas

  1. Kaunas, Lithuania
  2. Vilnius, Lithuania
  3. Larnaca, Cyprus

Where is Hostinger located?

Hostinger is Located in Lithuania.

How to Delete a Website in Hostinger?

To delete the WordPress website in Hostinger follow the following steps

  1. Login to  your Hpanel
  2. Go to Hosting
  3. Select the Website from which you want to uninstall WordPress (Click on Manage)
  4. Scroll Down and Click on  Auto Installer
  5. Click on 3 dots
  6. Click on Delete

For details, read how to Delete WordPress from Hostinger.

What is a Hostinger server?

A web server is a computer that stores web server software and a website’s component files. Now, the Hostinger server is also a web server which stores website files and web server software.

Is Hostinger good for eCommerce?

Yes, Hostinger is good for eCommerce websites also. Bitcatcha also rank Hostinger as the Best eCommerce hosting provider.

What are Hostinger nameservers?

Hostinger nameservers for Shared, WordPress and Cloud plans are: 


How to install WordPress in Hostinger?

Steps to install WordPress in Hostinger

  1. log in to Hostinger
  2. Go to Hosting
  3. Select Website to install WordPress
  4. Scroll down and click on WordPress
  5. Install WordPress
  6. Write the Website title and other details
  7. Select WordPress Version and Language
  8. Click on Install

Detail step by step guide to installing WordPress on Hostinger

Where are Hostinger servers located?

Hostinger servers are located in North America, South America, Asia and Europe. 

  1. South America (Brazil)
  2. Europe (Lithuania)
  3. Asia (India)
  4. Asia (Singapore)
  5. North America (USA, AZ)
  6. Europe (Netherlands)
  7. Europe (United Kingdom)

Why is Hostinger so cheap?

Hostinger offers cheap hosting plans by limiting the Core CPUs and monthly visitors to customers based on their hosting plan. 

Once your website starts growing and hits a limit, then you can upgrade to other Upgraded plans. By this Customers can pay when they grow.

Hostinger Review 2023

How to point a domain to a nameserver in Hostinger?

  1. Login to Hpanel of Hostinger
  2. Go to Domains
  3. Click on DNS/Namservers
  4. Change nameservers to Hostinger’s nameservers

Hostinger nameservers are


Why Hostinger is not good?

Every Hosting has its pros and cons. Overall Hostinger is the best and most affordable web hosting. But if you want to know the cons of Hostinger. Then they are

  • No Phone Support
  • No daily backups

Can we upgrade the hosting plan?

Yes, we can upgrade the hosting plan in Hostinger at any time from our account’s Hpanel. Go to Hosting, click on upgrade and select the plan to upgrade.

How to upload a website in Hostinger?

  1. log in to Hostinger hpanel
  2. Navigate to File Manager
  3. In the Public_Html directory, select the Upload Files icon
  4. Select the website archive from your computer & Upload it to the Hostinger server
  5. Now, right-click on the uploaded file and Extract the archived file to the public_html folder.

Which is better Hostinger or Siteground?

Hostinger has a slight edge compared to siteground in pricing, security, uptime and support.

What is Hostinger webmail?

Hostinger webmail is a web-based email service that allows you to create, access and use your email from almost anywhere through an internet connection.

How to use Hostinger webmail?

Login to hostinger hpanel account. Then navigate to emails. And manage the your website email.

how much does Hostinger cost?

Hostinger is the most affordable web hosting. The basic plan starts from Rs. 139 per month.

What is Hostinger one year plan?

Hostinger one year plan starts at Rs. 139 per month. The Different One-year Hostinger plans are 

  1. Single Web Hosting 
  2. Premium web hosting plan
  3. Business Web Hosting plan

What does Hostinger mean?

Hostinger is a web hosting service. It was founded in 2006 as Hosting Media and rebranded to Hostinger in 2011.

how many websites are in Hostinger?

You can host 1 website in Hostinger Single Web Hosting plan and 100 websites in Hostinger Premium and Business Web hosting plans. Compare Hostinger Plans 

Is Hostinger safe and legit?

Yes, Hostinger is safe and legit and it is India’s No. 1 Web hosting provider.

Why is Hostinger so slow?

Hostinger is not slow but your website is slow. You have a Website speed test and optimization tutorial in Hostinger Hpanel. Optimizing pages and images might speed up your website or by upgrading to the other plan (if require) might solve the issue.

What is Hostinger affiliate commission rate?

Hostinger has a commission rate is 60% with 30 days of cookie life and a high threshold payout.

How to Export WordPress Media Library?

Do you want to export WordPress Media Library? i.e., all the images, video and media files of your WordPress website?

We were migrating one of our websites from WordPress.Com to WordPress.Org. The website was a big directory. So while migrating our website we faced many issues. Thanks to the Hostinger Support team, they help us out in each and every step.

The main issue with the big website is Media files, almost 4 years of media library.

Due to some plugins, and resizing issues, we were unable to see thumbnails in many of our posts.

On the other hand, our WordPress.Com plan was expiring soon, so we have to do something now, so that if there is an issue with the media library then we should have images on our personal computer, and then we can upload them, whenever and wherever requires.

(Video)How to Download WordPress Media in Hindi

For that, we come across this process. To export the complete WordPress Media Library here is one of the easiest ways.

How to Download WordPress Media using Plugin?

To download WordPress Media Library completely, first, download the Export Media Library Plugin. If you want to know how to install a plugin then read our article Install and activate the plugin.

How to Export WordPress Media Library

After successfully activating the Export Media Library Plugin, go to Media >> Export in Your WordPress Dashboard.

How to export all media files from wordpress

You will redirect to the following page. In the Folder Structure: you have a dropdown menu:

  1. Single folder with all files which means all your media library will be downloaded to a single folder.
  2. Nested Folders: This means your media will be in separate folders based on the time of upload.

Once you have chosen the settings, simply click Download Zip, and the ZIP file will be downloaded to your PC.

Why Nested Folders?

We used Nested Folders because we have 4 years of data, if any one of our images is not loading, simply we inspect on our browser, and find out which image is lost. Then, we can go to our pc and find out from nested folders, the exact image.

If your website is small you can use a Single Folder with all files.

Unzip WordPress Media:

After downloading WordPress Media to your PC, then simply unzip the files. And You can see all your Media in one place.

Why Export WordPress Media Library?

If you want to have the backup of your media files on your personal computer, then you would want to download WordPress Media. In our case, we have to move WordPress media from one hosting to another hosting account, and for any loss of media, we want WordPress Media on our PC.


In this article, we learn about how to export all Media files from WordPress websites using a Plugin. It is a nice and simple way, we used it and then write this article.

If this article is helpful to you, then kindly Like, and share it with your friends. If you have any feedback kindly comment so that we can improve.

Vulnerable WordPress Plugin Detected
Vulnerable WordPress Plugin Detected: Hostinger Security

Do you get a HostingerVulnerable WordPress Plugin Detected” notification for your Website?

Besides WordPress, the most popular Content Management System, it faces constant attacks from Hackers.


Don’t Worry WordPress isn’t insecure. WordPress is secure CMS as long as you follow security practices.

According to a survey, 97% of all security breaches exploit WordPress plugins

Hostinger Protect its users, by notifying them, whenever WordPress launches new Updates, and whenever the WordPress Theme or WordPress plugin is outdated.

If you haven’t updated WordPress to its latest version then Hostinger notifies you:

For improved security, ensure you use the latest version of WordPress. You can update to WordPress version 6.1.1 automatically.”

Similarly, If you haven’t updated WordPress Plugins to its latest version then Hostinger notifies you:

Some of the installed plugins have security Vulnerabilities

Besides, the update regarding the WordPress latest version. Hostinger security system also notifies its users whenever the WordPress Plugins are outdated and it suggests its users to update it to the latest version.

Hostinger goes to extreme lengths to protect its users from cyber attacks.

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How to Update Jannah Theme in WordPress
How to Update Jannah Theme in WordPress

Do you want to update Jannah Theme manually?

I have Jannah Theme by Theme Forest installed on one of my client’s websites. When I wanted to update the theme in a regular Format from WordPress Dashboard, I got an error. Then I researched and found these steps helpful for updating the Theme manually.

Steps for Updating Jannah Theme Manually

1. log in to your Theme Forest Account

2. Go to Downloads by clicking your Profile pic on the top right-hand side as shown in the figure.

3. Your Purchased Themes will be available there

4. Click on the Download button beside Jannah Theme

5. Download the “Installable WordPress file” from there

6. Now log in to Your WordPress Dashboard

7. Go to Themes from Appearance

8. Click on Add New from the Top

9. Now Click on the Upload Theme Button, you will get the option of uploading the Theme in WordPress

10. Upload the “updated Jannah Theme” Zip file from your desktop

11.  WordPress will automatically detect the existing theme and will give you the option to “Replace Active with uploaded” version.

12. So Click on the “Replace Active with Uploaded” button

13. Your Theme will be updated successfully.

Note: It is a good practice to back up your database and files before updating the Theme