Do you want to install Urdu Fonts in Your WordPress website?

As a website developer in the Sub-continent, we get many requirements to make a website in the Urdu Language. As the Urdu Language started in India, many organizations, including Madaris, and many companies in India, as well as Pakistan, need their website to be in Urdu also.

We searched a lot for WordPress Urdu Websites but we didn’t get the appropriate result for making a WordPress website in the Urdu Language.

We will write in our upcoming Posts -regarding How to Make an Urdu WordPress Website. Here in this post, we are discussing one of the important tools for developing an Urdu WordPress Website and installing Urdu Fonts in WordPress.

How to use Urdu Fonts in WordPress Website Using Plugin

  1. Search Use Any Font in WordPress Plugins
  2. Install Use Any Font Plugin
  3. Activate Use Any Font Plugin
  4. Get the API key and verify it under Use Any Font Settings
  5. Now Upload Jameel Noori Nastaleeq Fonts or other fonts you want.
  6. Assign the Jameel Noori Nastaleeq Fonts to Your WordPress Website as per requirement.

How to Upload Urdu Fonts on a WordPress Website

In Use Any Font Settings, Upload Jameel Noori Nastaleeq or any other fonts as per your website requirements.

How to use urdu fonts in WordPress
How to Upload Urdu Fonts in WordPress

How to Assign Urdu Fonts to WordPress Website

After Uploading the Urdu Fonts to Our WordPress website, now we have to Assign Urdu Fonts to our WordPress Website. Just go to Use Any Font Settings, Click on Assign Fonts as shown in the image below and Assign Fonts to the required area of your WordPress Website. You can Assign Urdu Fonts to Site Titles, Site Descriptions, posts, Pages, and categories.

Assigning urdu fonts to WordPress website

By this, You can make Your WordPress Website’s Fonts Urdu Fonts.

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