The Hostinger WordPress plugin is primarily a setup assistant rather than a traditional plugin that adds new features to your website. It’s mainly installed automatically when you choose Hostinger’s WordPress hosting and helps guide you through the initial website launch process.

Hostinger Plugin Functions

  • Provides step-by-step instructions: The plugin takes you through basic tasks like uploading a logo, editing the website title and description, adding a new page, and previewing your site.
  • Offers quick access to key tools: It gives you direct links to useful features within your Hostinger control panel, including theme selection, email setup, and website optimization tools.
  • Simplifies getting started: For beginners, the plugin can help make the initial WordPress setup less overwhelming by streamlining the process.

Hostinger WordPress Plugin

hostinger wordpress plugin options

This tool guides you through basic actions to create your website like

  • Upload Your Logo
  • Edit Post Description
  • Upload an Image
  • Edit Site Title
  • Add a New Page
  • Connect Your Domain

Upload Your Logo

The first option displayed in the Hostinger Plugin is Upload Your Logo. It will take you to the Customize page where you can directly add Your logo to Your website. For this, you have to Click “Take me there”. It also gives you the option to Create a logo using the Logo Maker tool.

upload your logo hostinger wordpress plugin
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Edit Post Description

The other option is it will take you directly to Edit the Post Description. When you click the “Take me there” button it will redirect you to the Posts page in the WordPress Dashboard.

edit post description hostinger wordpress plugin

Similarly, the other options this plugin provides are Uploading an image, Editing the Site Title, adding a new page, and connecting your Domain.

Connect Your Domain

All the other options are easy and you can click and know it easily. This option is important in case your domain is not connected or you are getting issues.

Connect your domain to hostinger

Suppose you have purchased a domain from Godaddy and now you have Hostinger WordPress Hosting. So, you want to connect your domain to the Hostinger Hosting plan. When you click “Connect Domain Now” it will redirect you to Hostinger Website where you will get the option to Connect Your Domain to Hostinger.

Connecting domain to hostinger

You can see a video provided by Hostinger to Connect your domain.

However, it’s important to note that:

  • Limited functionality: The plugin itself doesn’t add any significant features to your website. Its focus is on guiding you through existing ones.
  • Not essential: You can launch and manage your WordPress website perfectly fine without this plugin. All the functionalities it offers are accessible through the WordPress dashboard or Hostinger control panel directly.
  • Pre-installed but optional: While it comes pre-installed on Hostinger’s WordPress plans, you can deactivate it if you don’t find it helpful.

Overall, the Hostinger WordPress plugin can be a useful tool for beginners with its initial setup guidance. However, it’s not essential for experienced users and won’t add any substantial features to your website.

I hope this clarifies the purpose and role of the Hostinger WordPress plugin!

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