How to Create a Subdomain in Hostinger

Do you want to create a subdomain in Hostinger?

You are running a website on Hostinger with a domain name and now you want to create a subdomain for your website. If you are a newbie and don’t know what a subdomain is then we will discuss it first.

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What is a Subdomain?

Subdomain is an extension to your domain name structure and it comes before the domain name. Basically, subdomains are created to organise different parts of your website. Subdomains are prefixed to the main domain name.

Suppose, your domain name is and you want to create a subdomain for it with the name blog. So, the subdomain will be blog. example. com.

Now, let’s create a subdomain for your website in Hostinger.

Steps to create a subdomain in Hostinger

1. Login to your Hostinger Account

As you all know, you have to log in to your Hostinger account to create a subdomain. When you log in, then you will be redirected to Your Hostinger Dashboard where you can manage all your Hostinger Websites, domains, and subdomains.

Once you log in, you will be redirected to your Hostinger Dashboard Home page.

creating a subdomain in hostinger

2. Click on Manage

Click on the Manage button to manage your websites. You will be redirected to your Hosting section. Here you will get 2 menus. One is the top menu, where Hosting is active or selected, and the other one is the left sidebar menu. In the left sidebar menu, Dashboard is highlighted or selected.

3. Go to Domain Section

Scroll down and click on Domains on the left-hand menu. Select the domain name from the dropdown menu (if you have multiple domains on your Hosting) for which you want to create a subdomain.

4. Click on Subdomains

After selecting the domain name, click on the Subdomain tab as shown in the figure.

5. Enter the name of subdomain

After navigating to the subdomains section. Now you will get an empty text box, followed by your domain name. Enter the name of your subdomain and Click on Create.

Note: You will find a checkbox displaying “Custom Folder for Subdomain”. If you want a Custom folder for your subdomain then check that box. Otherwise, leave it empty. and click on Create.

entering name of subdomain in hostinger

If you want to have a custom folder for the subdomain, then check the box and enter the custom name for the subdomain folder.

Hurray ! You have successfully created a subdomain in Your Hostinger.

Now you have to install WordPress on the Hostinger subdomain.

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