You come across the Word Featured image and want to know How to set a featured image in WordPress. Then let’s first we will learn what the featured image is.

What is a Featured Image in WordPress?

A Featured Image is also called a Thumbnail. Featured images are the images that represent the content of a WordPress Post or Page.

Are Featured Images Important?

Featured images are important for any WordPress post because as discussed above they represent the Content of WordPress posts. The first thing user sees about Your Post is the Featured Image. So, Featured Images are very important for optimal user experience.

Where does the Featured Image Appear?

Featured Image appears at the following Places

1. In the blog post page, Search Page, Archive Page of your WordPress,

Featured Image Appears in Archives of Bajrai Online Solutions

2. In some themes as a header image of your post

3. It also appears on the social media where you share your post.

As you have gone through the above details, now you may understand that the featured image is one of the most important parts of your website.

How to Add Featured Image in WordPress?

Now, the important question is how to set featured images in WordPress posts and pages.

In your post Editor, after writing a post, go to settings as you do for your categories and tags, below the tags you will see the Featured Image tab. In that, click on Set Featured image as shown in the figure.

how to set featured image in wordpress

After clicking Set Featured Image, you will be directed to the Media Library section. In Media Library, you can select previously uploaded Images or You can Upload a new image you learned in the previous post.

how to set featured image in wordpress

Now, after selecting or uploading the Featured Image, click the button to set the featured image.

After clicking the button set featured image, you will be back to the content editor and there you can see the preview of the featured image.

how to set featured image in wordpress

How to Change Featured Image?

If you want to change the featured image, then go to the featured image section as discussed above and click Replace Image, and follow the above steps to change the featured image.

Hurray, You have successfully set the Featured image in WordPress.

What is the dimension or size of the Featured Image?

The suggested dimension of the Featured image is 1200 by 675 pixels.

Conclusion: From the above details, you can understand that Featured Images are very important and they represent the Theme of Your WordPress Post. So use good quality and eye-catching images, because they increase your website traffic and engagement of your WordPress Post.