How to add a category in WordPress?

Do you want to add a category in WordPress? Then we need to first look at what actually Category is?

What is a Category?

A category is one of the WordPress taxonomies, and it is used to sort and group WordPress posts into different sections.

So, a category is used for arranging blog posts in different sections. Like librarians, use to set books according to their topics in different racks. Likewise, you can set blog posts according to their topics.

What is the use of Categories in WordPress?

As Discussed above, Categories are used to sort and arrange WordPress Blog posts in different sections. This will be helpful in the readability of WordPress.

A visitor can read the same topic posts in a particular category.

Suppose, a reader wants to read about WordPress Plugins, and you have a category named WordPress Plugins. Then he/she can browse the WordPress Plugin category and read the posts he is interested in. And this will increase the Website’s Session duration and ultimately decrease the Bounce rate of the website. And these factors are important for SEO.

How to add a category in WordPress?

Now, the important question is how can I add Categories to my WordPress website?

Adding Category in WordPress is very easy, basically, you can add Category in WordPress in 2 ways

  1. Adding Category from WordPress dashboard
  2. Adding Category while writing a post

1. Adding Category from WordPress dashboard: Adding Categories from the WordPress dashboard is very easy, if you follow our previous posts like adding posts in WordPressadding users in WordPress, etc., then you will find it really simple to add a category in WordPress.

Log in to WordPress Dashboard and go to Posts, then select Category in Posts as shown in the screenshot.

Now you are on the categories page. Before adding a category using this method. Let us understand some of the textboxes you have to fill here.

Name: This is easy to understand, no need to write about it. Here you have to write the name of your Category.

Slug: The Slug is the URL-friendly name of the category name, and it has lowercase letters, hyphens, and numbers only.

For example, my category name is WordPress Plugins then its slug will be ” “

Parent Category: Categories can have a hierarchy in them. To attain this hierarchy, you need to use the parent Category. Let understand it with an example.

Suppose, My Main Category name is WordPress and now I want to add the WordPress Plugins Category inside the WordPress Category.

Then while adding the WordPress Plugins category, you have to Select WordPress Category as Parent Category.

Then, the WordPress Plugins category will be the Child category of the WordPress Category.

If you don’t want to have hierarchy or Parent-child categories then You should set Parent Category as None. And it is the default selection as shown.

Description: As the name suggests, description is the detail about the category you are adding. It is not mandatory to write descriptions of the categories. And not all the themes show the Category description in WordPress. Some themes only show it.

Add New Category Button: After filling all the details, at last click on Add New Category button to add the above category.

So, fill up all the details and Click on Add New Category, and you have successfully added the Category in WordPress.

Hurray! You have added a Category in Your WordPress Website or Blog

By using this method, you can add multiple categories you need to your whole WordPress website.

how to add a category in wordpress

2.Adding Category While Writing Post:

The other method is to write a category while writing or publishing your post. In this method, while writing a WordPress posts. Click on the Settings button on the top beside Publish button as shown in the screenshot.

Then, scroll down you will see the category, in that if you don’t have the category related to the post. Then, Click on Add New Category as shown in the screenshot.

Hurray, You have successfully added New Category live.

How to Select Category in WordPress Post?

To select the category for your WordPress post, then you have to follow the above method.

Write your post, then click on setting, In settings scroll down, you will see the category name and Select the Appropriate Category for your post.

How to Delete a Category in WordPress?

We will discuss it in our upcoming posts. Stay tuned.

We hope this post is helpful to you in understanding WordPress Category, and how to add a category in WordPress. If it is helpful to you kindly like and share it on social media. If you have any feedback, do comment. It will help us to improve.