How to Upload Image in WordPress?

Do you want to upload image in WordPress? That means you are a beginner at WordPress. Uploading images in WordPress is very easy.

If you are making a WordPress Blog then you need to add images to each and every post of your Blog.

On the other hand, if you are making a Static Website, then you need not upload images frequently.

Rather, you just have to upload images at a time and use them on different pages of your website.

Uploading Multiple Images in WordPress

As we discussed above, if you want to upload all your images in WordPress at a time, then you have to follow these simple steps:

    1. Go to WordPress Dashboard
    2. Go to Media
    3. Add New

First, you need to log in to your WordPress dashboard, then click on the Media as shown in the image.

Then you will see ADD NEW  button there at 2 places.

One is on the left-hand side below the Media and the other one is at the top beside Media Library as shown in the figure.

Click on Add New, then you will be asked to Drop Files to Upload or Select Files.

Click on Select Files and select the images you want to upload and click the Open button or press Enter.

Hurray! You have successfully uploaded images in WordPress.

How to Upload Image in Blog Post?

As mentioned above, if you are writing a blog then you have to upload images to each and every post of your WordPress Blog.

You can follow the above method from the WordPress dashboard. But it will be quite lengthy.

To upload images in WordPress on the go while writing a post.

Just Click on Block Inserter (To know more about Blog Inserter, read how to write a post in WordPress) and Select an image in it.

Now, you have the option to Upload an image or Select an Image or insert an image from a URL.

As we are learning uploading of the image in WordPress, then click on upload image and select the image from your PC and upload it.

Hurray! You have successfully uploaded the image in the WordPress Blog post.

If you want to use the uploaded image from your media library, then click on the Select Image option. Your Media Library will be opened and Select the Image then upload it.

If you want to use an image from another website then go to that image and copy the image URL and paste it in Insert From URL option.

These are the methods to upload images or any media on the WordPress website.

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