(Resolved) Posts Not Showing on WordPress

(Resolved) Posts Not Showing on WordPress

Are your Posts Not Showing on the WordPress website?

One of my students asked me why his website is not showing his posts.

I helped him in setting up his first WordPress website. So, I was aware of some of the settings we changed on his website.

I asked him to send me a screenshot of his WordPress General settings.

The reason behind WordPress not showing up his posts on the website is:

In WordPress Reading settings, he selected Home as the Static page of the website, but for the posts page, he didn’t select any page. Here is the screenshot

Remember! If you are setting Your homepage displays as A Static Page, then you have to select a page for your Posts page to display.

Create a Page for Posts to Display

I asked him to create a page with the name Blog and select Blog as a posts page in Reading settings.

All your posts will be displayed on the Blog page of your website.

The other thing I asked him to do is,

Go to Menu and add the Blog page in the Primary Navigation menu.

If you don’t know how to add a primary menu on the website you can read my post on how to add a navigation menu to your website.

After, adding the Blog page to his primary menu, his website is showing posts on the Blog page.

Similarly, if you have set your home page as a static page, then you have to select any one of your pages as a posts page, otherwise, you won’t able to display your posts on your WordPress website.

If you have set Your Homepage displays as Your Latest Posts, then you don’t have to set the Posts page.

How to Install WordPress in Hostinger 2024(Updated)

How to Install WordPress in Hostinger 2024(Updated)

If you don’t know How to Install WordPress on Hostinger then this article is for you only. Today in this post I will tell you the step-by-step procedure to install WordPress on Hostinger easily.

For the past 3 years, I have been using Hostinger for websites that I create, and the websites for my Students.

There are many hosting providers out there, but not all of them are affordable, secure, and offer great customer support. If you’re on a budget and looking for the best overall value, Hostinger is a great option.

If your budget is tight and you need the best Hosting service then Hostinger is for you.

If you haven’t purchased Hosting yet and you want to create a WordPress Website then go for Hostinger’s WordPress plans. Because if you purchase WordPress hosting then your Hosting will be WordPress optimized.

How to install WordPress on Hostinger (Urdu Video)

Believe me! it is dead easy to install WordPress on Hostinger.

The first step is to Visit the Hostinger website for WordPress Hosting plans (you can different hosting plans too, but for WordPress users, this plan is well optimized)

Now after visiting the WordPress website, compare different Hosting Plans available at the Hostinger website. So, for installing WordPress as discussed WordPress Hosting is the best option. Now, look for the plans best suitable for you. If you are a beginner and have a low budget then You can simply go for Premium Plan. It starts from Rs. 149/- only.

Don't forget to Read and Compare the Features of each plan .
Managed WordPress Hosting Plan Hostinger

Click on the “Add to Cart” button, and you will be taken to the billing page. You can see different Monthly Pricing for different periods. If you are going for 4 Years of Hosting then You will be charged Rs. 149 monthly and a Free domain For a Year.

If you are going for a 12-month (i.e., 1 year) plan then you will be charged Rs. 239/- per month and it will be billed annually.

Now, let’s imagine You have just purchased WordPress Hosting from Hostinger, and you got a FREE DOMAIN too. Now you want to install WordPress.

Yes You will get a Free Domain and SSL certificate with Hostinger Premium and the above Plans

Hostinger plans

So, after purchasing Hosting from Hostinger, you will be redirected to a Landing Page from Where You Start Your Journey to start WordPress (as shown below)

WordPress installation in Hostinger

Click on the Start Now button, then you will be redirected to a page where Hostinger will ask you “Who are You creating the Website for?” There will be 3 non-mandatory options

  1. I’m creating it for myself
  2. I’m creating it for someone else and
  3. I already have a website
installing wordpress on hostinger

Just click on “Skip, I don’t want personalized experience” or select anyone option if you want.

In this case, I have selected the first option. Now the next page will ask you the following question “Who is Creating the Website?”.

steps on how to install wordpress on hostinger

As said above, it is also not a mandatory question. Hostinger just wants to give you a personalized experience. You can skip this step too or select one of the options (as shown below)

installing wordpress

In this, I have selected the first option “I’m building it myself”. Now the next page will ask you “Which type of website do you want to build?” There is a bulk of options like

  1. Online Store
  2. Blog
  3. Business
  4. Portfolio
  5. Other
  6. Skip

You can skip this step if you haven’t decided what type of website you want to build yet. Hostinger will offer suggestions later based on your choices.

The next page will ask you “Do You need help building your Website?” Just click on Skip or No Thanks and go forward.

installing wordpress steps

Now here comes where you will install WordPress on Your Domain in Hostinger. The next page will be on Creating a WordPress account. Here you have to fill in your WordPress administrator email and Administrator password.

connecting domain

 Remember this email and password will be used to directly login to WordPress from the WordPress login page.

Now click Continue, and you will be redirected to a page where Hostinger will suggest some important plugins. You can install them by clicking on checkboxes or you can Click Skip to go to next page.

default plugins installation in hostinger

When you skip to the next page. Here Hostinger suggest some themes based on the answers you gave in the previous steps. If you want you can select anyone or just skip to go to the next page.

default theme installation in hostinger

Now here you have to select your domain name. If you have a Free domain with your plan, you will get the Claim domain option (instead of Choose a domain). And the other option is to Use an existing domain.

naming website

In our case, we will Choose/Claim a Domain. Click on Select.

We’re almost there! Take a moment to review your details before finalizing the setup. The options are

finishing wordpress setup in hostinger
  1. Your server Location
  2. Your Domain Name
  3. Installed CMS i.e. WordPress
  4. Admin email address

After verifying the details click on Finish Setup to finish the installation of WordPress on Hostinger.

Now you can either Edit Your Website or Manage your Site.

wordpress website ready hostinger

If you click on Edit Website, then it will redirect you to WordPress Dashboard. If you click on Manage Site, then you will be redirected to the Hostinger dashboard.

wordpress dashboard

As we walk you through each stage, we hope this tour was educational and useful. We made every effort to keep things as easy as possible.

By the time you finish reading this post, we hope you will understand the significance of WordPress and how to use it without the assistance of a professional.

Now that we have reached the end of the piece, it is time to conclude. We’ve covered the simplest method for installing WordPress on a Hostinger account in this post.

However, feel free to ask any questions you may have in the comments section below if you have any questions about this WordPress installation tutorial on Hostinger.

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How to Create a Subdomain in Hostinger (2024)

Do you want to create a subdomain in Hostinger? Read on!

You are running a website on Hostinger with a domain name and now you want to create a subdomain for your website. If you are a newbie and don’t know what a subdomain is then we will discuss it first.

If you don’t know Hostinger, then check out Hostinger WordPress Plans

What is a Subdomain?

Subdomain is an extension to your domain name structure and it comes before the domain name. Basically, subdomains are created to organise different parts of your website. Subdomains are prefixed to the main domain name.

Suppose, your domain name is example.com and you want to create a subdomain for it with the name blog. So, the subdomain will be blog. example. com.

Now, let’s create a subdomain for your website in Hostinger.

Steps to create a subdomain in Hostinger

1. Login to your Hostinger Account

As you all know, you must log in to your Hostinger account to create a subdomain. When you log in, then you will be redirected to Your Hostinger Dashboard where you can manage all your Hostinger Websites, domains, and subdomains.

Once you log in, you will be redirected to your Hostinger Dashboard Home page.

creating a subdomain in hostinger

2. Click on Manage

Click on the Manage button to manage your websites. You will be redirected to your Hosting section. Here you will get 2 menus. One is the top menu, where Hosting is active or selected, and the other one is the left sidebar menu. In the left sidebar menu, Dashboard is highlighted or selected.

3. Go to Domain Section

Scroll down and click on Domains on the left-hand menu. Select the domain name from the dropdown menu (if you have multiple domains on your Hosting) for which you want to create a subdomain.

create subdomain in hostinger
creating subdomain in hostinger

4. Click on Subdomains

After selecting the domain name, click on the Subdomain tab as shown in the figure.

5. Enter the name of the subdomain

After navigating to the subdomains section. You will get an empty text box, followed by your domain name. Enter the name of your subdomain and Click on Create.

Note: You will find a “Custom Folder for Subdomain” checkbox. If you want a Custom folder for your subdomain then check that box. Otherwise, leave it empty. and click on Create.

entering name of subdomain in hostinger

If you want to have a custom folder for the subdomain, then check the box and enter the custom name for the subdomain folder.

creating subdomain with sub folder in hostinger

Hurray! You have successfully created a subdomain in Your Hostinger.

Now, as you have successfully created a subdomain in Hostinger, the next step is you have to install WordPress in the subdomain.

So, to install WordPress in the subdomain, you have to navigate to your main domain, and then Click on WordPress Overview as shown.

installing wordpress on hostinger subdomain

Then select the subdomain from the dropdown on which you want to install the WordPress.

installing wordpress on subdomain hostinger

3. Install WordPress in the Subdomain

You will be redirected to a page where the title will be “WordPress Installations“. In that, click on Install WordPress.

Install WordPress

Then you will be redirected to a page where you have to fill in the admin details like administrator email ID and password for installing WordPress. Don’t forget to give your Website a Title.

website credentials

In the next step, you have to select Application Version and Application Language. Select the language you want and then Click on Install.

Installing WordPress on subdomain

How to Uninstall WordPress from Hostinger 2023

How to Uninstall WordPress from Hostinger 2023

Do you want to Uninstall WordPress from Hostinger? As you know Hostinger is one of the best WordPress Hostings. Now, If you have installed WordPress in it, and now because of some issues you want to uninstall WordPress from Hostinger. Then follow these steps.

Backup your Website:

Before uninstalling WordPress from your hosting, it is always a good practice to back up your WordPress data. If you want data back in the future, then you can restore it from the backup. We will discuss how to back up your WordPress in our other posts.

How to uninstall WordPress from Hostinger

Uninstalling WordPress is very easy.  Here we will discuss one of the easiest ways to uninstall WordPress from hpanel of hostinger.

Steps of uninstalling WordPress from Hostinger?

1. Login to  your Hpanel

2. Go to Hosting

3. Select the Website from which you want to uninstall WordPress (Click on Manage)

4. Scroll Down and Click on  Auto Installer

how to uninstall WordPress from Hostinger

5. Click on the 3 dots on the right-hand side of the website from which you want to uninstall WordPress.

Login == > hpanel == > hosting == > Select Website == > Auto Installer == > 3 Dots  == > Delete

uninstalling wordpress from hostinger

To uninstall WordPress, you need to log in to your hosting account. (In our case, the hosting provider is hostinger). After logging in, click on hosting and then select the website whose WordPress you want to uninstall.

Then scroll down, and click on Auto Installer in the Website section. You will find your website’s URL. Then click on the 3 dots that are on the right-hand side of the website URL. Then click on Delete. A pop-up will be shown with checkboxes

  • Delete Application
  • Delete installation files
  • Delete Database

If you just want to delete the WordPress Application then Select Delete Application. If you want to delete the Application as well as Database then Check the boxes delete the application and Delete Database. If you also want to completely delete other installation files, then check also delete installation files box.

By this, you will completely delete the WordPress from your website.

On the top right corner, You will see a notification “WordPress Application  was uninstalled successfully.”

successfully uninstalled wordpress from hostinger

You have 6-10 seconds to undo this. If it is by mistake then you can undo the uninstallation of WordPress.

Now if you want to install WordPress back. Then you can read step by step guide to install Hostinger on WordPress


In this, we learned how to uninstall the WordPress Application from hostinger.

If you find this article helpful, then like and share it with your family and friends. If You have some feedback, then do comment. So that we can improve our blog.

How to install Urdu  Fonts in WordPress

How to install Urdu Fonts in WordPress

Do you want to install Urdu Fonts in Your WordPress website?

As a website developer in the Sub-continent, we get many requirements to make a website in the Urdu Language. As the Urdu Language started in India, many organizations, including Madaris, and many companies in India, as well as Pakistan, need their website to be in Urdu also.

We searched a lot for WordPress Urdu Websites but we didn’t get the appropriate result for making a WordPress website in the Urdu Language.

We will write in our upcoming Posts -regarding How to Make an Urdu WordPress Website. Here in this post, we are discussing one of the important tools for developing an Urdu WordPress Website and installing Urdu Fonts in WordPress.

How to use Urdu Fonts in WordPress Website Using Plugin

  1. Search Use Any Font in WordPress Plugins
  2. Install Use Any Font Plugin
  3. Activate Use Any Font Plugin
  4. Get the API key and verify it under Use Any Font Settings
  5. Now Upload Jameel Noori Nastaleeq Fonts or other fonts you want.
  6. Assign the Jameel Noori Nastaleeq Fonts to Your WordPress Website as per requirement.

How to Upload Urdu Fonts on a WordPress Website

In Use Any Font Settings, Upload Jameel Noori Nastaleeq or any other fonts as per your website requirements.

How to use urdu fonts in WordPress
How to Upload Urdu Fonts in WordPress

How to Assign Urdu Fonts to WordPress Website

After Uploading the Urdu Fonts to Our WordPress website, now we have to Assign Urdu Fonts to our WordPress Website. Just go to Use Any Font Settings, Click on Assign Fonts as shown in the image below and Assign Fonts to the required area of your WordPress Website. You can Assign Urdu Fonts to Site Titles, Site Descriptions, posts, Pages, and categories.

Assigning urdu fonts to WordPress website

By this, You can make Your WordPress Website’s Fonts Urdu Fonts.

For more information about WordPress Themes, WordPress Plugins and all about WordPress kindly follow us.

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