Featured Image is not Showing on Social Shares?

Do your post’s featured image is not showing while sharing on WhatsApp, Facebook, LinkedIn and Twitter etc.

First of all, if you don’t know What a Featured image is and what is the importance of a Featured Image?

How to set it in WordPress, then kindly read Our Detailed Post about Featured Image

My Post Featured Image is not showing up on Social Shares

I am also getting this problem with my posts. Whenever I share my post, instead of my Featured Image or My Post images, my profile image is showing up on Social Shares.

Then I google it, but not getting a clear cut answer to my query. I am not techy, so some of the technical terms.

In one of the posts, I saw the screenshot of the AIO SEO plugin. Then, I got the hint, and I opened my WordPress Dashboard and Opened Social Shares in AIO SEO. And Clicked on Facebook, and there I found the main reason why my profile image is captured while sharing.

(Resolved)Featured Image is not Showing Up in Social Shares

The reason is, that in AIO SEO social Networks, the Default Post Image source was set to “Default Image”. Due to this, My profile image is captured on social shares.

Then I clicked on Drop-down and set it to Featured Image on Facebook, Twitter, and Pinterest tabs.

Then I checked to share the post on social media, and I was really happy that my issue has been resolved.

Summarizing the Featured Image Solution

Go to AIO SEO plugin >> Social Networks >> Facebook >> Default Image Source >> Featured Image

Go to the AIO SEO plugin and click on Social Networks, select all the social networks one by one and set Default Image Source to Featured Image.

If you are getting any errors again, mail us or comment on the post. We will be happy to help.

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