Today, when I logged in to my Hostinger WordPress Business Hosting account, I saw one notification. The notification was

“Recommendation to Transfer Your Server”

We have analyzed traffic data on your hosting plan for the last 30 days. We recommend changing your server location for the best website speed for your visitors”

That means Hostinger is regularly analyzing the web traffic of all my websites hosted on their servers(in my case 16 websites) and the majority of my web traffic (i.e., 47.4 %) is coming from India only.

Then having my servers in India or nearby will increase website loading time and website performance.

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When I read this notification, I researched the “benefits of hosting a server located near to the web traffic.”

The following are the Benefits of having a Hosting server located near the web traffic:

1. Faster Website Loading Times

When a website is hosted on a server located near its audience, the time it takes for the website to load reduces significantly. This is because data travels faster over shorter distances, resulting in reduced latency and faster page loading times.

2. Better Website Performance

When a website is hosted on a server located near its audience, it results in better website performance, which ultimately translates into a better user experience. This is because the website can handle more traffic, and the website’s resources are not strained by the distance between the server and the users.

3. Improved SEO

Search engines consider website speed as one of the critical factors in their ranking algorithm. A faster website speed can result in better search engine rankings, leading to increased traffic, and better visibility for the website.

4. Reduced downtime

Hosting a website on a server near its audience reduces the risk of downtime due to server failure or maintenance issues. If a server goes down, it can be fixed quickly, minimizing the time that the website is inaccessible to users.

Overall, hosting a website on a server located near its audience can result in a better user experience, improved website performance, and increased website traffic, leading to better business outcomes.

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