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Posts Not Showing On WordPress
(Resolved) Posts Not Showing on WordPress

(Resolved) Posts Not Showing on WordPress Website

Does your Posts are Not Showing on the WordPress website?

One of my students asked me why his website is not showing his posts?

I helped him in setting up his first WordPress website. So, I was aware of some of the settings we changed on his website.

I asked him to send me a screenshot of his WordPress General settings.

The reason behind WordPress not showing up his posts on the website is:

In WordPress Reading settings, he selected Home as the Static page of the website, but for the posts page, he didn’t select any page. Here is the screenshot

Remember !

If you are setting Your homepage displays as A Static Page, then you have to select a page for your Posts page to display.

Create a Page for Posts to Display

I asked him to create a page with the name Blog, and select Blog as a posts page in Reading settings.

And all your posts will be displayed in the Blog page of your website.

The other thing I asked him to do is,

Go to Menu and add Blog page in the Primary Navigation menu.

If you don’t know how to add primary menu on the website you can read my post on how to add navigation menu to your website.

After, adding Blog page to his primary menu, his website is showing posts in the Blog page.

Similarly, if you have set your home page as a static page, then you have to select any one of your pages as a posts page, otherwise, you won’t able to display your posts on your WordPress website.

If you have set Your Homepage displays as Your Latest Posts, then you don’t have to set Posts page.

spam comment in wordpress
How to kick out Comment Spam from WordPress

How to Stop Spam Comments on WordPress Website

Do you want to kick out Comment Spam from WordPress website? These comments are annoying to webmasters as well as readers. So, it it better to kick them out of your website.

Spam is the unwanted message or comments you get in your email inbox or the comment section of your website or youtube.

Everyone hates unwanted messages. So you are probably here because you are getting unwanted messages in your WordPress website comment section.

To start, let’s understand spam first.

What is Spamming?

Spam is any kind of unwanted messages sent out in bulk whether in email or comments on your website

 Simply, spamming means sending unwanted bulk messages online.

What is Comment Spam?

You are here and reading this post means you are getting spam comments on your WordPress website or blog and you want to know about it and want to get the solution to combat spam in Comments.

Comment Spam is nothing but that some webmasters exploit the comment section of other websites to promote their website by posting their website links. Since these are unwanted comments and they are unrelated to the post by the Post author, these are called spam.

Sometimes these spam comments may be malware and viruses.

Why Comment Spam is Bad?

You can say, Why Comment Spam is bad? He is reading my content and commenting on my Content. These comments bring interaction to my website and blah, blah, blah.

But wait!

Let me clear you, the spammers

1. Don’t read your Content

2. They are not bringing interaction to your Post

3. They just paste the same comment which is linking to their website on all websites.

Why Comment Spamming?

One of the reasons for Spamming in the comment section of websites is those spammers want to use your website comment section to improve their website ranking by getting clicks from your website.

Is Comment Spam Harmful?

Search Engines penalize both the spammer and the website which is allowing spam comments on their website. Because, spam is the unwanted comments on your website, and they provide the link which will take the reader to the website which they won’t want to go to. It can also take you to insecure websites or viruses and malware.

In other words, if you are approving spam comments on your website then your website’s PageRank also gets affected.

So, it is better to moderate your comments and approve those comments which are genuine and related to your content.

How to Moderate comments without plugin in WordPress

There are several ways you can moderate your comment section in WordPress, the best way is by moderating comments in discussion settings.

Dashboard >> Settings >> Discussion

To Fight Spam Comments and reduce Spamming enable these settings in your WordPress Discussion settings

1. Comment Author must fill out name and email

2. Users must be registered and logged in to comment

3. Comment must be manually approved

4. Comment author must have a previously approved comment

If you enable these settings, you will cut down the speed of spammers, they have to log in before they comment. So, many of the spammers or spambots will be stopped from commenting.

But Wait! Still, you have the mastermind spammers who play with the system and use unethical ways to promote their website.

So, some spammers may log in to comment on your website, and the first 2-3 comments, may be very genuine, and after getting approved from your side. They start spamming.

So, you should be aware of this kind of spammers.

So, you should manually approve comments on your website

kicking out Comment Spam from WordPress

How to Stop Spam Comments using Plugin in WordPress

There are a lot of plugins present in the WordPress Plugin directory which fight the spammers.

One of the worst things about these plugins is that they slowed down your website.

Ultimately, increasing the load time of your website. And, this will have negative effects on your PageRank in Google or other search engines.

One of the best plugins to combat spam comments is Akismet. This plugin is developed by WordPress only. So, it won’t affect your website load time.

But you have to install the API key from their website.

Akismet is free for bloggers, and it will also come up with paid versions for businesses and e-commerce websites.

On average Akismet stop 7,500,000 spam Comments from the web Per Hour.

You can read in detail about Akismet here.

I used to get 100s of comments daily on my new website, but after activating Akismet I am not getting any spam comments on my website.

There are other plugins also that fight spam comments. But, I prefer Akismet spam protection till now.


Comment: Which Comment Spam Protection are you using?

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How to Fix Destination Folder Already Exists Error in WordPress

How to Fix Destination Folder Already Exists Error in WordPress

One of my friends asked me how to fix the “Installation Failed, Destination Folder already exists error” in WordPress.

Are you also facing this type of error in your WordPress website?

Why does WordPress show Destination Folder Already Exists Error?

WordPress popup this error when you install a Theme or Plugin in WordPress and that folder already exists on your Website.

This error arises because

  1. You deleted the theme/plugin from your WordPress but the theme was not deleted entirely/correctly, and the folder remains in your backend.
  2. You tried to install the theme or plugin before, but it didn’t install correctly.

How to Solve the error Destination Folder already exists?

To solve this error, First login to Your Hosting Account

Hosting >> File Manager >> public_html >>wp_content >> plugins/themes

How to Fix Destination Folder Already exists error

Then find the folder of the plugin or theme that you were installing while getting the “Destination Folder already exists” error, and delete that folder.

Now, go to WordPress Dashboard and install the theme or plugin. Now you can successfully install the theme/plugin.

In my case, my friend was getting this error while installing the wpforms plugin, and when I suggested him this process. He said that he was installed wpforms before. But due to some issues, the plugin has been deleted, and he was installing it again.

So, he has done all the steps I suggested here, and in the end, he successfully installed the wpforms plugin.

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Which is the Best Hosting for WordPress?

Best Hosting for WordPress

Do you want to know the cheap and Best Hosting for WordPress Websites?

Best WordPress Web Hosting

Then read on.

Whether you are a student or a Web Developer!

No Matter, WordPress is one of the best options for designing websites from a blog to an eCommerce store.

As you know self-hosted WordPress is a free Open source software. Thousands of Free Themes and Free Plugins are available for customizing your website.

To maintain this, you need a super-fast dedicated Hosting service.

Now, you need to have a Hosting Plan.

Choosing the Best Web Hosting For WordPress

As You want to have the best Web hosting for your WordPress website. Here are some of the things you need to consider before choosing any web hosting.

What is Web Hosting?

Web Hosting is an online space where you store your website files and your website will be live and others can have access to it over the internet.

Simply, if you want others to see your website then you need web hosting.

What is a Domain Name?

A Domain name is the physical address of your website. It helps online users to find your website easily. For eg. it is a domain name. Instead of typing the IP address of the Website, we use a Domain name to access it easily.

Simply, a domain name is the physical path of your website which you type in the search bar.

In simple words:

A Domain Name is the nameplate of your Website and Web Hosting is the space for keeping your website files. As we have space and Name for our houses.

By this, you understand that we need a Domain name as well as Web Hosting for your website. So, that others can have access to it online.

Normally, the Domain name and hosting are provided by the same Web Hosting. Keep in mind that you should purchase a Domain name from the legitimate Domain name registrars, check the ICANN database for legitimate domain name registrars.

In this post, we are discussing the Best WordPress Shared Hosting.

So now, we will jump to our topic.

Best WordPress Web Hosting

As you know 43% of the web uses WordPress. So for hosting WordPress you need to have a good web hosting services.

Things to consider while selecting a Web Hosting

1. Speed

One of the most important things while purchasing a Web Hosting is the Speed provided by the Web Hosting Service. Because, if you have a slow website then you have more bounce rate. This will affect your website ranking.

I say normally,

No one wants to wait for 30 seconds on a Traffic Signal, then Why they will wait for seconds on your website? So, Speed is the key factor when you are going for Web Hosting Service.

2. Security

The other thing you should consider when going for a web hosting service is the Security they are providing. Security is very important as the internet is full of spammers and hackers. Then you have to go for web hosting which provides security for the websites.

3. Guaranteed Uptime

The other important thing you should consider before selecting Web hosting is whether they are providing an Uptime Guarantee or not?

Because if your website is down, then your web traffic is affected badly. Similarly, for down websites, their ranking is also affected. So, for the ranking purpose, you should have hosting which provides Guaranteed uptime.

4. Cost

If you are a beginner, then Cost also matters a lot for you. If you are a giant in this field then it may not matter to you a lot.

So cost is also one of the important factors when selecting web hosting for your website.

5. Customer Support

When you are developing a website and hosting it on a web host, then there are times when you need instant help for your website from the hosting provider side. So, you don’t only need to have a good hosting service but also you need to have good 24/7 Customer support throughout the year.

6. Ease of Use

The other thing, you need to check before going for a Hosting provider is the ease of use in their Cpanel. That is you can easily understand the control panel of the hosting provider. If the control panel is complicated, it will mess up things for you.

7. WordPress Optimized

The other important factor you need to check before going for a Hosting Provider for your WordPress website is, that your hosting provider should give you WordPress-optimized hosting.

WordPress websites require certain resources and tools for the smooth functioning of the WordPress website. So, your host should provide you with WordPress Optimized hosting so that your website meets those specialized needs and run smoothly.

So, these are the 7 Important factors, which you have to keep in mind when going for any web hosting for your WordPress website.

Which is the Best Hosting For WordPress?

The answer is: Hostinger

Best Hosting for WordPress is Hostinger

In my research, Hostinger is the Cheap and Best Hosting for Your WordPress website.

Why Hostinger is the Best Web Hosting for WordPress websites?

You may ask us this question, on what basis you are saying that Hostinger is the Cheap and Best Hosting for WordPress websites.

Hostinger fulfils all the benefits of the best Web Hosting which I discussed above, and it is the cheapest among all the other web hostings.

Whether you take into consideration the speed of the website or security or Performance of the website, in all formats Hostinger stands tall.

Entrepreneurs and Digital Marketers like Neil Patel and Digital Deepak also suggest Hostinger as one of the best Web Hosting for WordPress websites.

Features of Hostinger:

Here are some of the Benefits and Features of Hostinger which stand them tall in the competition

1. Extremely Fast

Hostinger is really very fast, they use LiteSpeed servers for WordPress Hosting solutions. It makes your website speed lightning fast. By cleaning cache using LiteSpeed Cache Plugin.
In a research done by Bitcatcha on 3 different websites from 3 different regions, they have given an A+ grade to Hostinger Speed.

The average speed of different regions is 141 ms, 143 ms and 168.9 ms.

That is extremely fast for any Website.

2. Best Performance

Hostinger provides the best performance for your website by loading the website very fast as well as 99.9 % Uptime.

They give a guarantee of 99.9 % uptime on their websites. As discussed above, in the research done by Bitcatcha the uptime of their website was 100%, 99.95% and 99.98 % for their 3 different websites in the 3 different regions.

3. 24/7 Customer Support

Hostinger Provides 24/7 Live chat and email support throughout the year. As discussed above, this is very important for the person who is running a website.

I have my own experience while I was transferring my website from WordPress.Com to Hostinger, they support me very fast on each issue I have.

The Customer support team is very active and very gentle. They reply within a minute and with a smiley face. I have an issue again and again, and I mailed them every time, and they replied to me very fast with the solution.

Just they don’t have Call support. But as a professional, you will prefer instant support. Because Call support will take minutes to wait for the customer support executive to connect.

4. Cheapest Web Hosting

Hostinger provides Web Hosting at unbeatable prices. There WordPress Hosting plan starts from Just Rs. 99/- per month. If you are a beginner or student then this plan is great for you.

The other Plans are ‘WordPress Starter’ with 100 websites just starting at Rs. 199/- pm, and  Business WordPress with 1 Lakh visitors monthly at Just Rs. 299/- pm.

best Hosting for WordPress

I will discuss the plans in detail later in this post.

5. Free Security:

Hostinger Provides Free security and protects your website with a Free Let’s Encrypt SSL certificate.

Security is very important to protect your website data and your users’ data from hackers and spammers.

The “s” at the end of HTTPSshow that your website is secure. Google also rank those websites which have an SSL certificate installed on their website.

And if you are using Google display the message in Chrome browser “This Site is not secure” if you are not using an SSL certificate on your website. And this will kill your website rank online.

6. Excellent Dashboard:

Hostinger provides an easy and understandable Dashboard, which you can understand easily.

When you are developing a website, you have to access the dashboard of your web hosting service. If the dashboard is not easy or familiar then it will mess up things for you as we discussed above.

Benefits of Hostinger

As we discussed the Features of Hostinger. Now we will discuss the benefits that you will get when you use Hostinger as your WordPress web Hosting.

In every plan of Hostinger, you will get these benefits

1. LiteSpeed Cache:

Hostinger automatically installs LiteSpeed cache to your WordPress website. It will boost your website’s speed and performance, saves bandwidth, improves SEO, reduces server load and more…

2. WordPress Auto Installer:

In every Hosting Plan of Hostinger, you will get Auto Installer for WordPress. No need to install WordPress manually, just in 1 to 2 clicks, WordPress will be automatically installed on your website.

3. Free Customize Email Account:

Hostinger gives you a free Customize Email account with each Hosting plan. This is really awesome. A customized email will increase your brand value and if it is free then nothing in the world is better than this.

4. Managed WordPress

Every Hosting plan of Hostinger comes with Managed WordPress which includes fast and easy WordPress installation, WP starter site-building wizard, and managed auto-updates of WordPress, Themes and Plugins.


WP-CLI stands for WordPress Command Line Interface. It allows you to update plugins, configures multisite installations and much more without using a web browser.

6. 30 Days money-back Guarantee

Hostinger gives you a 30-day money-back guarantee. If you are not satisfied with the hosting service then you can have your money back within 30 days.

7. Multiple Data centres

Hostinger has 7 data centres across the Globe. For achieving maximum speed you can host your website in the closest data centre to your main audience.

And after running your website for a while, Hostinger also suggests which Data centre is best for your Website to host. This is an amazing feature for your website.

8. Weekly Backup:

Hostinger gives free weekly backup for your website. If you need daily backup then you have to purchase it. It has a cheap price also.

Other than this, you have many benefits of using Hostinger as the Web Hosting provider for your website. You can visit Hostinger and check the benefits.


Hostinger is the cheap, fast and best Web Hosting for WordPress. The benefits and features of Hostinger are they have low cost, high speed and performance, 24/7/365 customer support with weekly free backups and WordPress acceleration.

How to Migrate from to

How to Migrate from to

Do you want to migrate from to Then go through the complete article. 

I had my Web portal hosted with, and I have been running it since 2019 on

Why WordPress.Org, not

In the beginning, I was using only but due to a lack of support from the hosting provider and website slowed down. Out of the blue, I switched to

First I purchased WordPress Premium Plan because in free plan you don’t even get a Plugin for your website. 

The very next year I updated my website to the Business plan, with more access to plugins and themes compared to the Premium plan. 

As I was running a web directory, I am getting a lot of traffic, and my plan is quite enough for it but it was expensive. 

Meanwhile, I came to know about Before I don’t know the difference between and

Then, I started researching about the top Hosting Providers for WordPress Shared hosting

At that time, many of the blogs voted for Hostinger as one of the best and cheapest WordPress Shared Hosting

As I was designing websites also as a freelancer on a short note. 

I got one of my clients for Website designing. While working on my Web Portal, I was much more familiar with WordPress. And by running the Web portal I got the client. 

So, I was aware that is costly. That’s why I started making the website on 

So, I selected the Business WordPress plan for Hostinger

Afterwards, I created many website on WordPress.Org.

Till now I don’t have the confidence, to merge my Web Portal from to 

But this year, in the month of May, my plan was ending. 

So, I again started researching how to transfer my Web portal from to 

Someone suggested Bluehost, as they have a support team, that does the work for me. 

But I was familiar with Hostinger and they have one of the best support teams. (reasons are coming) 

Migrating from to 

For migrating the Website from, I have to transfer my domain also, because my domain was also from 

So, from Hostinger I request for Transfer of an existing Domain

I was redirected to a page where I have to give the domain name which I want to transfer, with some important notes, for me. 

I entered my domain name and click on Transfer then I got an error message Domain is Locked and Cannot be Transferred. With a friendly message, This Domain is Locked, please unlock the domain at the current provider and try again

This error is a new thing for me to learn. I googled the error and came to know how to unlock the domain on 

How to Unlock Domain in 

To unlock the domain in, you have to follow these steps

  1. Go to WordPress Dashboard
  2. Click on Upgrades on the left-hand sidebar
  3. Go to Domains
  4. You will see your domain name, 
  5. Click on Transfer Your Domain 
  6. In the advanced option, click on the Transfer lock on the toggle button to unlock Your Domain
  7. Then Click the Get Authorization Code button. 

The authorization code will be mailed to you on your registered email id with your account. And this authorization code will be asked on Hostinger or any other service provider, you are transferring your domain. 

After successfully unlocking my domain from, I returned to Hostinger and again requested Transfer Domain

Yay! This time my domain name was available for transfer. 

The next thing I have done was paid the domain registration amount. 

After successful payment, the next screen asked me to enter the Authorization Code

As mailed me the authorization code, I just copied it and paste it here. 

Then I got the confirmation email from Hostinger. 

How to Migrate to Hostinger? 

Now, how to transfer from to Hostinger? 

For migrating websites, I learned that I have to install and activate the All in One Wp Migration Plugin, on both the old and new hosting accounts. If you don’t know how to install and activate Plugin, read the post on how to install a Plugin in WordPress.

So I installed it on, and my transferred domain also. 

How to Export Data From WordPress using the All In One WP Migration plugin?

After activating the Plugin, I opened my (old host) dashboard and navigated to All in One Wp Migration on the left-hand sidebar. 

WordPress Dashboard >> All-in-One Wp Migration >> Export

Next, I clicked on Export To, and a drop-down opened, and I selected File Option from the drop-down menu. 

After that, the Plugin retrieve all my WordPress files and prompted me to download .wpress file

The size of my Web Portal WordPress data was 7 GB. I downloaded all the data to my desktop. 

How to Import Data to New Host using All in One Wp Migration Plugin? 

Now I have to upload the whole downloaded file to my new host. 

I logged in To Hostinger and opened my Web Portal new Hosting account. 

As I already installed and activated the All in One Wp Migration Plugin, I navigated to Plugin in my WordPress dashboard and clicked on import

All in One Wp Migration >> Import

Then I clicked on Import From, a drop-down menu opened as before, and I selected File from the drop-down menu. Then it opened a dialog box, and I selected the exported .wpress file from my desktop. 

It’s started importing but suddenly, I shocked, because, while importing the Plugin displays Your File is More than 128 MB. And it asks me to increase WordPress’s maximum file upload size. 

How to Increase WordPress Maximum File upload size All in One Wp Migration? 

I searched the ways to increase WordPress Maximum file upload size, and read and tried the ways like modifying .htaccess file, configuring php functions etc. 

But all these methods didn’t work for me. 

Strong Hostinger Support Team 

When I was stuck, and did not get any support from online search. Then, I contacted Hostinger Live Support. 

They helped me a lot with every error I was getting. I don’t have words to appreciate their support. Any time I mailed them, I got a reply within minutes from them. 

Now in my case, after listening to my query and problem they asked me to back up my data using the All In One WP Migration Plugin. And then I should upload it to File Manager Beta, in my new hosting. 

I backed up my data and uploaded it to File Manager in Hostinger. 

Then, I mailed them, that I completed my work of backing up data and uploading it to the File Manager. 

They replied to me with a smiling face and they transferred all my data to my new Hostinger Hosting.

Wait!! this was the beginning of my queries to them. Because, after uploading all the data, as usual, I was getting image optimisation errors like Thumbnails, Featured images not showing up. 

First, they only tell me about this error and asked me to back up data again and then re-upload the new backup. 

I did that also but the issue didn’t resolve. And I was thinking that it will affect my Website ranking. And again mail Hostinger Support. 

They replied and gave me several suggestions, but sadly many of them didn’t resolve my issue. 

Resolving Broken Image /Thumbnails issue

Then, They asked me to Install and Activate Regenerate Thumbnails and then Go to Tools>> Regen. Thumbnails and Click on Regenerate All Thumbnails

This step solved my issues and my website is looking great as usual. 

I mail them and thanked them for their support. 

But wait, there was a new issue again. 

How to Insert Special Characters in WordPress?

One of my top posts was How to Type Theta Symbol

When I visited my post and saw that instead of Theta Symbol there is a question mark (?) 

I opened my email and mail Hostinger Support regarding my issue and they informed me that, in you have to use Classic Editor or Install one of the Plugins for using Special Character

I thanked him, and informed him that I will disturb again. They replied with a smiley, and said they were happy to help. 

How to Write Urdu or Arabic in WordPress?

Now, days gone, instantly I saw one of my posts which contains Urdu/ Arabic in some parts. But instead of Urdu Language WordPress is showing question marks (???). As it didn’t recognise the words. 

Again, I contacted Hostinger Support, and they replied to me with a solution to install a Plugin because support other languages with the help of Plugins. 

I thanked them, and read the article regarding multilingual plugins. I didn’t try anyone yet. But definitely do it in 2 to 3 days. 

But in the total process of Migrating my Website from to Hostinger, the Hostinger support team is remarkable. 

And that’s Why I suggest to use Hostinger for Website Hosting, especially for WordPress. 


With the Help of the All in One Wp Migration Plugin and Hostinger Support Team, I Migrated my Website From to Hostinger safely and securely, without affecting my Search Engine ranking. 

Hope this long article helped you in migrating your website. There are some issues that may occur while you are migrating your website. Feel free to mail me for helping you out in migrating your website from one host to another host. 

If this article helps you, do subscribe to my blog, and like & share it with friends. 

If you have any suggestions, mail me or comment below.