WordPress Error: Social Media Icons Not Showing Up in Avril Theme

Are you getting this error in Avril Theme that Social Media Icons Not Showing up?

I am getting this error too. So, I contacted the support team of Avril Theme, and it resolved my issue. So, read on to get the solution.

Avril Theme is one of the best flexible, super-fast, lightweight multi-purpose themes.

WordPress Error: Social Media Icons Not Showing

The landing page of the Avril Theme is very attractive. It has Social Media icons and email addresses, customer support numbers, and office addresses above the header in an attractive way.

Avril Theme is developed by the Nayra Themes. It is one of the themes developed by Nayra Themes.

One of the best things about Avril Theme is its customer support.

Whenever I wrote for any support to them, they replied fast, and their customer support executive solved the problem completely.

Social Media Icons Not Showing?

Social Media Icons Not Showing up in Avril Theme WordPress

Do You get this WordPress Error: Social Media Icons Not Showing?

Above, is an example of social media icons not showing up on the Hyderabad Rishte India website.

If you are using Elementor– The #1-page builder for WordPress, then on the landing page you might not see your social media icons, instead, you will see the red-coloured circles for each icon.

This is because, when using Elementor, Font Awesome 4 support loading will be off.

And the social media icons will be shown using font awesome only.

So, you have to load font-awesome on your website.

How to Turn on Loading Font Awesome 4 Support?

 If you are getting the error that Social Media Icons on the landing page not showing, then follow these steps

1. Go to WordPress Admin Dashboard

2. Go to Elementor Settings

3. Go to Advanced Settings

4. Select Yes to Load Font Awesome 4 Support

As usual, you have to log in to your WordPress Admin Dashboard, then you have to go to Elementor Settings. And Navigate to Advanced Settings as shown in the figure. In Advanced Settings, you will see Load Font Awesome 4 Support in the end. While Seeing, it will be NO, just change it to Yes.

And save the changes you made.

Now go to your website, or refresh the website page, you will see your Social Media Icons displaying nicely.

The Nayra Themes, the support team helped us to solve this issue. For the convenience of our visitors, we write it on our Blog.

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