UpdraftPlus: The Ultimate WordPress Backup Plugin


Are you a clumsy person? Do you often find yourself making mistakes that could potentially harm your WordPress website? If so, then this article is for you. Today, we will be discussing the importance of backing up your website and how UpdraftPlus can help you protect your hard work and ensure that you are always on top of your game.

Why Backing Up Your Website is Essential

Before we dive into the features of UpdraftPlus, let’s first understand why backing up your website is crucial. Even if you think you are not clumsy, there are several other reasons why you might need a backup for your WordPress site.

  1. Cybersecurity Threats – Despite WordPress’s stringent security protocols, the cyber landscape is constantly evolving with new threats. Savvy hackers are continually devising ways to infiltrate websites, and falling victim to such an attack can lead to stolen data or a compromised site. A backup serves as an insurance policy, allowing you to promptly restore your site, minimize downtime, and safeguard your reputation.

  2. Reliability – Even the best hosting services can experience unexpected issues such as server outages. These hiccups could stem from hardware malfunctions, excessive traffic, or even malicious software. Your backup acts as an emergency generator, providing you with a resource to quickly get things up and running, even when the primary systems fail.

  3. Human Error – Every seasoned professional knows that human error is inevitable. Whether it’s an accidental deletion or an incorrect modification, these mistakes can have significant repercussions on your website. Having a backup is like a safety harness that catches you when you stumble, allowing you to revert to a prior state and rectify errors without major losses.

  4. Updates and Compatibility – WordPress, along with its plugins and themes, frequently undergoes updates for enhanced security and functionality. However, these updates can sometimes create conflicts or bugs that affect your site. Think of your backup as an anchor that keeps your ship steady amidst the waves of updates. Should an update cause issues, you can easily roll back to a stable version while you address the problem.

  5. Website Migration – Whether it’s to improve performance or switch to a more reliable hosting service, website migration is a common practice. However, migration is akin to moving valuable cargo across unpredictable seas; there’s always a risk of data loss. A backup ensures you have duplicates of your precious cargo. Should anything go missing or get damaged during transit, you have the means to restore it effortlessly.

Now that we understand the importance of backing up your WordPress website, let’s dive into UpdraftPlus, the ultimate backup plugin.

UpdraftPlus: The Ultimate Backup Plugin

UpdraftPlus is a popular WordPress plugin used for website backup and restoration. It was launched in 2010 as Updraft, a free backup plugin. After some tweaking by David Anderson and his team, UpdraftPlus.com was officially registered in 2013. Today, UpdraftPlus has over 3 million users and is dubbed the world’s most trusted WordPress backup plugin.

Features of UpdraftPlus

UpdraftPlus offers a range of features that make it stand out compared to other WordPress backup plugins. Here are some of its notable features:

  1. Backup Options – UpdraftPlus allows you to create a backup for your site in two ways: manually and automatically. You can also schedule the backup, choose how many backups you want, and select your remote storage, depending on your plan.

  2. Simple Restoration – Restoring your backup is super simple with UpdraftPlus. With just one click, you can restore your backup and get your website up and running again.

  3. Migration Feature – UpdraftPlus offers a migration feature called UpdraftMigrator, which allows you to migrate your WordPress website to a different URL or domain. This feature makes the migration process faster, easier, and safer.

  4. Cloning Feature – With UpdraftClone, you can create a new copy of your WordPress website instantly. This sandbox (test site) feature allows you to clone your website directly from UpdraftPlus using their own servers.

  5. UpdraftVault – UpdraftVault is an optional storage location for your website backup if other remote storage systems are unavailable or if you prefer not to use them. It provides an additional layer of protection for your backups.

Using UpdraftPlus

Using UpdraftPlus is a breeze. Here is a step-by-step guide on how to backup and restore your website using UpdraftPlus:

  1. Backup: To create a backup, go to the UpdraftPlus settings in your WordPress dashboard. Choose the backup options you want, such as manual or automatic backup, scheduling, and remote storage. Click the “Backup Now” button to start the backup process.

  2. Restoration: To restore your backup, go to the Backup/Restore menu in UpdraftPlus settings. Scroll down the page to the “Existing backups” section. Here, you can restore, download, or delete your backup, as well as view the log file. Click the “View Log” button to view the log or download it. To restore your backup, click the “Restore” button and follow the instructions. Once the restoration process is finished, you will see a green message indicating its success.

UpdraftMigrator and UpdraftClone

UpdraftMigrator and UpdraftClone are additional features offered by UpdraftPlus for website migration and cloning. Here is a brief overview of these features:

  1. UpdraftMigrator – UpdraftMigrator allows you to migrate your WordPress website to a different URL or domain. It makes the migration process faster, easier, and safer. UpdraftMigrator is available as an add-on and can be purchased individually.

  2. UpdraftClone – UpdraftClone allows you to instantly clone your WordPress website to a sandbox (test site) using UpdraftPlus’s servers. This feature is available for both the free version and the premium version of UpdraftPlus. To use UpdraftClone, you need to purchase UpdraftClone tokens through your UpdraftPlus account.


UpdraftVault is an optional storage location for your website backup. It serves as an additional backup location if other remote storage systems are unavailable or if you prefer not to use them. UpdraftVault is available for purchase as an add-on for the free version of UpdraftPlus. However, if you are a UpdraftPlus Premium user, you automatically have access to UpdraftVault.

UpdraftPlus Premium

While the free version of UpdraftPlus is already a complete backup tool, UpdraftPlus Premium offers additional convenience features. Here are some of the premium features you can expect:

  • UpdraftMigrator – Migrate your WordPress website to a different URL or domain seamlessly.
  • UpdraftClone – Instantly clone your WordPress website to a sandbox (test site) using UpdraftPlus’s servers.
  • UpdraftVault – Store your backups in an additional secure location.
  • Incremental Backups – Only backup the changes made since your last backup, reducing storage requirements and backup time.
  • Advanced Reports – Get detailed reports on your backup history and storage usage.
  • Database Encryption – Encrypt your backup database for added security.
  • Multiple Websites – UpdraftPlus Premium supports multiple websites, depending on your chosen plan.

UpdraftPlus Premium is available in five different plans: Personal, Business, Agency, Enterprise, and Gold. Each plan includes all premium features, one year of support and free updates, and varying storage capacities for UpdraftVault. Prices for these plans are reasonable, making UpdraftPlus Premium an affordable choice for all budgets.

Duplicator: An Alternative to UpdraftPlus

While UpdraftPlus is our top recommendation for a backup plugin, it’s essential to explore other options. One popular alternative to UpdraftPlus is Duplicator. Let’s take a brief look at Duplicator and its features:

Features of Duplicator

Duplicator is a backup and migration plugin for WordPress websites. Some notable features of Duplicator include:

  • Backup and Export – Duplicator allows you to create backups of your site and export it to another location.
  • Easy Migration – With Duplicator, you can easily migrate your website to a new URL or domain.
  • Scheduled Backups – Schedule regular backups of your site for added convenience.
  • Easy Restoration – Duplicator makes it easy to restore your backup with just a few clicks.
  • Add-ons – Duplicator offers various add-ons that provide additional functionality such as cloud storage options, multisite support, and advanced features.

Pros and Cons of Duplicator

While Duplicator is a popular plugin, it does have its pros and cons. Here is a brief overview:


  • Easy to use and set up
  • Extensive documentation and support forum
  • Additional add-ons available for added functionality
  • Reasonably priced add-ons for individual purchase


  • Free version has limited support
  • No real-time backups
  • No lifetime updates
  • Lack of developer support


In conclusion, backing up your WordPress website is essential to protect your hard work, safeguard against cybersecurity threats, and ensure continuous uptime. UpdraftPlus is the ultimate backup plugin that offers robust features, ease of use, and reliable support. With options for backup, restoration, migration, and additional storage, UpdraftPlus is a must-have tool for any WordPress website owner.

So, are you ready to take your website backup game to the next level? Give UpdraftPlus a try, and you won’t regret it.