understanding All In One SEO settings

Understanding All in One SEO Analysis

Do you want to Understand All in One SEO page analysis? Do you want to write an article that is SEO-friendly? If you are reading this post, we assume that you know about Search Engine Optimization and you are familiar with All in One SEO. If not click the links to know about them.

As you know a good SEO is very important for ranking your post in Search Engine and AIOSEO helps us in writing SEO-friendly articles.

Now, we will know and understand how to write SEO-friendly articles with the help of AIOSEO.

Writing SEO Friendly Content

If you want to write an SEO friendly article then you must follow these steps

Step 1: Write the Appropriate Title to the post. Look, the title of the post is the most important aspect of your content writing. The title should describe to the reader, what the article is about?

Step 2: Body of the Content:

Now the other important step is to add your content to your website.

You should be careful while writing the content and follow the steps we are discussing below.

  1. Keyword or key phrase: While writing content, you should have a key phrase that should be the heart of your content. And your content should be revolving around that key phrase. Keyword or key phrase is most important. You will come to know by the end of this article.
  2. Headings and Sub Headings: You should use headings and subheadings in the article as per requirement. For good SEO-friendly content, some of your Headings and Subheadings should have your Key Phrase in them. Otherwise, the content won’t be SEO-friendly.
  3. Introduction: It is very important how you begin your article. The focus key phrase or keyword should be there in the introduction of your article. The reader should know at the beginning itself what he/she is going to get from the article.
  4. Images: You should use at least one image that describes the content you have written. And the image ALT tag should have the focus keyword in it.
  5. Internal Links and External links: You should use both links in your article. Internal links are the links to your website only. It will increase reader time on your website and that too is important in Website ranking.

External links are the links to the other websites. The content you have written must have quotes of others or images used from other websites. It is recommended that you should thank to the persons or websites from where you have taken these things by linking their website.

  1. Content-Length: A good SEO friendly Content should have minimum of 300 words in it. It is important that the reader should get the solution to his problem or he/she understand what the content is complete. So lengthy articles are good for website ranking.
  2. Paragraphs and Sentences Length: Good content should have small paragraphs in it. Small paragraphs are good for reading. And it should have headings or subheadings at regular intervals.

Look! good Content is Reader centric not Search Engine centric. So you should avoid using difficult words, rather you use easy passages so that Reader get your content easily.


Understanding AIOSEO Settings

Now we will understand All in One Setting. Soon after your content, you will see AIOSEO settings. And in AIOSEO settings, the first thing is Snippet Preview.

The snippet Preview shows, how your web page is shown in the SERP.

Snippet Preview: Now, we will look in detail at what Snippet Preview is? Snippet Preview consists of 3 things

  1. Permalinks: The First line in Your Snippet Preview is your web page permalink. Permalink are the permanent links to your webpage and they are most important. Read in detail about Permalink here.
  2. SEO Title or Post Title: The Second thing is the title of your post. It is also called a Post Title or SEO Title. SEO title or Post Title consists of your Post title plus a Separator and Your Website name.

Meta Description: Meta Description is one of the most important things in website ranking. Meta Description is the small line with tags in it that describe the webpage. Meta Description length should not exceed 150 characters. The meta description appears below the Url of your webpage as shown.

Focus Key Phrase: Your Webpage should have a Focus Key Phrase. As discussed above the Key Phrase is the phrase that you want to be searched in Search Engines

Understanding AIOSEO Page Analysis:

Now we come to All in One SEO page analysis. It consists of 3 things.

  1. Basic SEO: After writing the content, this Basic SEO of AIOSEO shows you, how your content is? If you follow the steps which we discussed above for good SEO content. Then you get almost all the points with green-colored tick marks. If you have errors then it will show with a Red-colored tick mark as shown in the screenshot. The red-colored means you should improve those points.

All in One SEO suggest where you are going wrong and what part you should improve. With this guide, you can improve your SEO ranking.

Title: The second part of AIOSEO page analysis is Title. In the Title you should focus 3 points:

a) The focus keyphrase should be there in Your Site Title

b) You should have your title length in between 50 to 60 characters only.

c) Try to keep Your Focus Keyword at the beginning of your Title.

If you are going wrong anywhere AIOSEO will help you and tell you where you are going wrong.

  1. Readability: The third and Last thing in AIOSEO page analysis is readability. The heart of content writing is readability. You are writing content to help readers to solve any issue they are searching for. Then readability should be our main focus. The reader should understand the content easily. In readability, you should have small sentences, small paragraphs, images or videos, passive voice, transition words, etc. Some of them, we covered above and some of them we will cover in our other post.

As said above AIOSEO helps you in all the issues related to Readability and asks you where to and how to improve.

If you find this article helpful kindly share it with your friends and if you have any feedback then do comment so that we will improve.