How to Uninstall Plugin in WordPress

How to uninstall plugins in WordPress?

Do you want to uninstall a plugin that is not in use? And You have installed multiple plugins and now want to uninstall some of them which are not in use? And don’t know how to remove a plugin from the WordPress website?

Plugins are just like your Apps in Your smartphone, they take your Website space and if you keep unwanted plugins or are not in use plugins in your WordPress website, then they might be slowed down your WordPress website.

It is a good practice to remove the not in use Plugins from your WordPress blog. They might be security issues also if you keep the unused plugins in your WordPress blog.

How to remove a plugin completely from WordPress Website?

Follow these steps to completely remove a WordPress Plugin

Step 1: Go to WordPress Dashboard

Step 2: Then Go to Plugins >> installed Plugins

Step 3: Select the Plugin You want to Uninstall

Step 4: Deactivate the Plugin

Step 5: Delete the Plugin

First, log in to your WordPress admin dashboard and go to your installed plugins by clicking Plugins on the left-hand side of your dashboard. Now you are on the plugins page.

Now, select the Plugin you want to deactivate/remove, and click the link written with deactivating as shown in the screenshot.

After Clicking deactivate you have successfully deactivated the plugin but there may be some settings of your plugin still present in your WordPress website as junk files.

Now you have to completely remove the plugin and its data from your website then click the Delete link, below the name of your Deactivated Plugin. WordPress will ask you whether to Completely uninstalled the plugin from your WordPress. Click OK to Delete the Plugin Completely from WordPress Blog.

Now WordPress will prompt a message that the plugin is successfully deleted.

Hurray! You have successfully deleted the Plugin.

We suggest you Delete all those Plugins from your WordPress blog which you don’t want to use because if you don’t delete them your WordPress website slowed down and you may have security issues too.

If you are deactivating the plugin temporarily then you can just only deactivate the plugin and prefer not to delete it.

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