How to Make a Website for Free in WordPress?

In our last post, we discussed writing the first post in WordPress, while writing the post we mentioned the WordPress Free account. So, we thought about writing about how to create a free website in WordPress?

So, it may help our viewers to create their own free website in WordPress and they can use WordPress and become familiar with WordPress themes, WordPress Plugins, and writing posts in WordPress. Then they can purchase any hosting and make their own WordPress.

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Note: Free WordPress websites will have the extension

Step by Step Guide for making free website in WordPress

Let’s go, and make our free WordPress website.


Step 1: Go to

Step 2: Create WordPress Account

Step 3: Choose a domain

Step 4: Select Free Plan

Step 5: Choose a design

Step 6: Give your site a name

Step 1:

Go to

First go to, the best platform making websites.

When you go to, then either click “GET STARTED” on the top right corner of your webpage or click Start Your Website in the middle of WordPress webpage as shown in the figure.

step 1 free wordpress website

Step 2:

Create WordPress Account

After clicking Get Started, you have to Create Your Account as you create in Gmail, yahoo mail, Facebook, etc. Creating an account in WordPress is easy. You just have to write your email address and User Name and Password and click Create Account.

Hurray! You have successfully created a WordPress account successfully.

Step 3:

Choose a domain

Now after creating a WordPress account, you have to select a domain name. Domain Name basically your WordPress website name. When you type your domain name (like allwp), WordPress will suggest the related domain (here it suggested us all-wp. in, etc) but we want a free WordPress website, so just look down we got “” extension domain and beside it, it is written free. As we are creating a free website so go for extension free website.

Step 4:

Select Free Plan

After Choosing free extension plan, WordPress will show you again “Select a Plan” but we don’t need any plan, for now, so we have to skip the plans. Just click Start with a free site as shown in the image.

Congrats! You have successfully selected a free WordPress domain for your free website.

Step 5:

Choose a design

After selecting a Free domain for a Free WordPress website, you have successfully created the free website in WordPress. Now, you have to design your Free WordPress website. No issues, WordPress comes with thousands of free Themes. The themes are nothing but the layout and design of our website.

You can select the best one for your WordPress Website or meanwhile you can click on Blank Canvas for starting from scratch.

You can Design your website with Themes afterward also.

Hurray, You have successfully created a Free Website in WordPress.

Step 6:

Give Your Site a Name

Now you have to give your Site a name i.e., Site Title, Site Icon, and a Tag line for your Site. For this click on Name Your Site as shown in the figure.

You will be taken to general settings, where you can give a title to your site, icon, and the tag line for your WordPress website. Click on Save to save your settings.

Here You have successfully created your Free WordPress website.

Now Write a Post and see how it is looking. Worrying how to write the first post in WordPress? Don’t worry.

We have it for you, just click here for writing the first post in WordPress.

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