how to add logo in WordPress

How to add logo in WordPress?

Most beginners have this question How to add logo in WordPress website. In our previous post, we discussed how to install a theme in WordPress, there we have discussed customizing the theme. You will get this answer there also. Here first we discuss what the logo is?

What is Logo?

The logo is the combination of text and image which describe a business. A good logo shows about the company (business) and its brand values.

What is the importance of a Logo?

A logo is very important because by logo only customers recognize your brand. Just Look around You will recognize Facebook, Twitter, Instagram by just seeing their logo. When you see Instagram Logo, instantly your mind says that it is Instagram. So, the logo is very important in branding. You should have a good logo for your business, it should describe your brand.

How to add logo in WordPress?

Now we will come to our question. To add a logo to your WordPress website, you need to go to customize your Theme. You can do it in two ways.

Firstly, Log in to Your WordPress Dashboard, and on the right-hand side hover over Appearance and click on Customize.

Secondly, Just Click on customize on the top of your website page (this option will be available if you are log in to your WordPress website)

Now, different themes have different headings for going to add the logo in WordPress. But you need to go to Site Title in Your Theme customization. In Twenty Eleven theme you directly have Site Title Option, and in Avril Theme You have Header and in the Header section, You have Site Title.

Here we take examples of two themes.

Firstly Avril theme, Avril Theme is developed by Nayra Themes. It’s a good theme to have and in the Free version also the Avril Theme gives customer support rapidly.

In the Avril theme, when you click on customize, you have to click on Header on the left-hand side and in the Header, you will have the Site title. After clicking Site Title, You will see the Logo there. If you have the new website the logo place will be empty. If your website already has a logo then you will get two options as shown change or remove the logo. From here you can add the logo to the WordPress website.

Secondly, The Twenty Eleven theme. In the Twenty Eleven theme, you will have the Site Title option when you click on the customize option. From here you can add logo to your WordPress website.

Hurray! You have successfully added a logo to Your WordPress Website.

How to Change Logo in WordPress website?

We think, now after reading the above matter you no need to have this question. To change the logo in WordPress you just need to go to Site Title in Customize Theme option as discussed above. There you can change the logo on the WordPress website.

How to Remove logo from the WordPress website?

If you want to remove the logo from the WordPress website, just you have to go to customize option as discussed in detail above. There you get the Remove logo option in the Site Title which we discussed already.

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